Extract from HOVOKK; An ending and a beginning (part 2 of 5)

Hovokk english part 2 CORRECTED

Extract from HOVOKK, part 2 of 5:

„The events were overflowing. They both faced each other wordlessly; unable to decide what should happen next. Polianna seemed to gradually realize how tricky their situation was. Despite this, a triaxial dark blue tank appeared out of nowhere, directly heading for them and, slowing the pace, stopping in front of them.

When the dust whirled up by the vehicle settled, they realized that it was a tank of the military police. Brent and Polianna stood rigidly in terror. The motorists of the teank seemed to be looking for them.

At the side of the vehicle a head high hatch swung sideways. An uniformed man came out. He wore a black jumpsuit and black, heavy leather boots. On the shaved head he wore a dark blue beret placed at an angle. Weighty he walked towards Polianna and Brent. Two more men in the same uniforms got out of the tank behind him. But the two men wore white berets. The companions were armed with short rifles and stood to the left and right of their leader, who stopped right in front of Polianna and Brent. He took turns to look at them both with a serious expression.

When he began to speak with a rough voice, they both noticed a cynical smile spreading across his face: „Captain Brent Carpico – and Doctor Polianna Reed! What a happy coincidence that I find you both here together!“ He breathed deeply, gliding his gaze across the street, the waiting soldiers and the military vehicles. Then he breathed out. „Isn’t this a lovely day?“

They didn’t say a word.

The man continued: „I must express my sincere thanks to both of you. You and your comrades have gained a great victory today. But I’m sure you can imagine I didn’t come here for that reason. “ He let Polianna out of his sight, only fixed Brent and tilted his head. „Basically, it’s all about you, Captain Carpico.“

Brent could sense that his soldiers and all other people in the immediate vicinity were following the emergence of the military police with growing amazement. Polianna, he noticed from the corner of his eye, made a horrified face.

„About me? What’s the point? And with all due respect, sir, who are you?“

„Ah!“ The man changed his attitude. „Please forgive me! I’m Colonel Rodney Namoz. From the military police section. We flew on the TC Eco and were ordered here by the command. We were ordered here to find you. We need to talk to you about an urgent matter. “ The colonel pointed his index finger upwards to the sky. „On the Eco, not here.“

Brent didn’t really know how to react. „I’m in the middle of a mission. My commander.. “

„Your commander knows about it. We have an official permit to escort you back to the Eco. In fact, it was your commander who told us to pick you up here. “

„I don’t understand. . . “

Colonel Namoz didn’t seem to be listening to him at all. He pointed with a wave of his hand at the tank that was standing by. „Shall we?“

„Brent. “ he heard Polianna call powerless.

It was clearly not the absurd, unreal scenery that caused Brent’s growing restlessness. First his neck hair rose up, and then he felt a thumping on his temples. Just like on Nativia before the hidden Kertekk invaded his unit. Only this time the feeling was much more intense.


The Kertekk. Shouldn’t they have known better by now? That this species would reach to its last resort before surrendering voluntarily? But too many unforeseen things happened in too short a sequence, and each event required the full attention of the troops. The resistance of the Kertekk had been fierce. But hadn’t the Astrotroops proved impressively in the last few hours that they were in control? The fighting spirit of the black-haired creatures was remarkable, but they were clearly inferior to the perfectly coordinated and organized war machinery of the Hexagon.“

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