The world of HOVOKK

In 2204 mankind has explored numerous galaxies. Wherever he found inhabitable worlds, he founded colonies. Terra has long since become a place of oblivion and decay. Only the weak and the poor remain on the dying planet. Those who can try their luck in the other worlds of the Hexagon, the interstellar confederation of nations, to which their extraterrestrial allies – the Markkisians, the Aidons and the Perssa – also belong.

The Hexagon is recovering from decades of conflict with the man-made machine entity Proximo. On isolated worlds, there are attempts at independence from the Hexagon, especially on those that only have the status of a colony of the two planets Terra or Tarvia.

On Markkis I, the home of the humanoid Markkisians, the province of Kertekk rebels against the Hexagon. The story in HOVOKK takes its course when the Kertekk are suspected of having captured an interstellar space base. Lieutenant Brent Carpico is among the soldiers sent to liberate the base. The mission turns out to be a drastic experience for him. Unexplained abilities come to light in him that arouse the interest of his superiors. The mission takes him to Markkis I, where the events completely overturn.. . .