SOLIJON – a science fiction-story

new line Sol blue variant


Something strange is going on at the frontiers of the Hexagon, the interstellar League of Nations. The Hexagon charges Matthew Miles, captain of the Astrofleet with an important mission:  To scout the mysterious disappearance of warship Tide at the edge of the so-called Forbidden Zone. On the way to that location Captain Miles and his crew encounter Ulysses Magnus. The old war hero and his group of renegades – including Brent Carpico – are on their way to the Forbidden Zone as well; but for other reasons. Ulysses and his friends try to reveal a secret surrounding a young member of their group: A boy, saved from slave traders, who can’t remember anything. Not even his own name. In the beginning distrust overshadows the encounter between Captain Miles and Ulysses. But then happens a first open attack of a yet unknown enemy who seems to be responsible for the fate of warship Tide…