A writer’s time out – for a little while.

Finally the novel you’ve been dreaming of for years and you’ve been working on for months has been finished. There it is – as previously announced and now published. What a great feeling it is! For the first time since – I don’t even know – one can relax and take a deep breath. At least for a while. I guess this is one of the most satisfying moments for a writer or even an artist in general.

But the more experienced among us know it better: The pause for breath doesn’t last for long. And not because of somebody else. It is the blessing (and the curse, as well) of having a creative mind. You find yourself going out in public, doing some sports or whatever you do for recreation – and there it comes again: The spark in your head. The next scene. One intriguing line for a dialogue in your next novel to come. And you can’t help – it has to be fixed. You turn to your writing place and write it down. And there comes the next idea, then another, and another…you look up and notice it’s been two hours of writing.

Of course one has to be grateful for this. So the valuable lesson is: Enjoy your time out – it won’t last for long. And that is simply wonderful.

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